Sunday, December 5, 2010

American Tattoos


Tattoos look great on girls and they often add to the sex appeal of the girls. However, selecting a tattoo can be difficult if you are not sure of your needs. People are often looking at most popular tattoos because they suit everyone and look sophisticated. The most famous tattoos are American tattoos and they have been around for centuries. They mostly have nautical stars, classic American cars, sailor jerry tattoos, swallows and pin-ups.
You can also add and modify the designs which you like. Size of the tattoo is also important and you have to select a tattoo which fits the place where you need a tattoo. The craze of tattoos has declined over time but still people love wearing tattoos
A poll in 2003 reveals that 16% of Americans wear an American tattoo which is higher than 10% in 1998. There are also statistics that very few people get their tattoos removed which shows that people love the tattoos on their body. US and world news also shows that there are over 20,000 tattoos parlors just in US and on an average a new parlor opens everyday.
Most people get the American tattoos on hands, neck, face and other visible parts on the body. There are always concerns when a person goes for a tattoo on the neck because the skin in the neck is thin and needle is closer to the bone. The pain actually depends on the physical and mental health of the person.
An American tattoo heals in 2 to 3 weeks but a tattoo on neck can take more time. Neck is a sensitive area so the tattoo also takes time to heal. The advantage of having a tattoo on neck is that they are less prone to infections as compared to the tattoos on hands and legs. You should also make sure that you are using sunscreen lotions on the tattoos otherwise they can loose their ink quickly. However, the process of adding ink in tattoos is not painful.
American tattoos are not just popular in US but they are also popular in other parts of the world. The people all over the world modify the tattoos and use them. People in Australia add a Kangaroo on the classic American car and these kinds of tattoos are quite famous in Australia. There are also many sailor jerry tattoos which people use by having their God or any religious identity as sailor in the tattoo.
All these kinds of tattoos are used everywhere. Celebrities all over the world can be seen carrying tattoos. There are other good designs which are now used in style of American tattoos. The Thai tiger can be seen roaring in tattoos, these kinds of tattoos are called hybrids. Most rock bands have their trademark tattoo which is carried by all the band members and their fans.
Now there are animated American tattoos which can be carried by small children and even school students. They are quite famous these days.

Tribal American Flag Tattoo


So you have decided to get a tribal American flag tattoo. That's the easy part. Now you have to decide what design you want. In this situation, "easier said than done" is a huge understatement. You are about to permanently put art on your body...not something to be taken lightly.
You need to spend some time searching for the perfect tattoo. It needs to be one that reflects your style, your soul. One that you can live with for the rest of your life. And one that you will be proud to show off. A quick decision can easily turn into lifelong regret.

Native American Tribal Tattoos


There are virtually no limits to tattoo designs, whether you look for it in a tattoo studio or search for it online. Nowadays, anything goes- as long as you can visualize, either by description or in a sketch, it can be readily made into an appealing tattoo art. Tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream these days that coming up with unique designs is the name of the game. This is one reason why tribal tattoos are popular because one can easily make an innovative design out of this genre.
Tribal tattoos feature intricate artwork characterized by black solid lines, normally with no other color combined. It can have several meanings as well, as it all depends on the image that the artist is trying to bring to life. It can either be straight from the pre- created artworks or a skilled one can do it free hand as he goes along. For men, they are normally wrap around the arms or the back. For women, these designs are preferred on lower back or ankle. Basically, it can be inked anywhere on the body, just like any other tattoos.