Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rose Tattoo Designs

Picture of a girl with a rose tattoo on her upper backRose tattoo designs show life, birth, procreation, death and rebirth. They are the embodiment of nature and the elements.

The red rose tattoo is the most popular design in the flower category, especially with women. Its almost as popular with men, since the rose has tremendous spiritual significance in the west. It is considered to be a symbol of pure love and has been revered in both, secular and religious context.

The rose design has many accepted traditional meanings that are applied to the body art by association. It became the ultimate flower symbol on account of its unmatched fragrance and beauty. The red rose also carries the symbol of martyrdom. It is associated with Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Several rose tattoos are worn to honor a deceased loved one too. If you want to sport a red rose tattoo, It's important to know the meaning behind the specific rose colors.

A dark red rose stands for unconscious beauty.

The red rose is for love, courage, beauty, respect and romance. A red rose bud tattoo also shows purity and loveliness.

Blue roses symbolize impossibility.

The coral rose is an indication of desire.

Black roses are traditional representatives of death.

The white rose tattoo design is a symbol of innocence, reverence, youthfulness and purity. White rose bud tattoos also celebrate the girl-child.

A golden rose indicates achievement.

Black rose with thorns tattoo design is also very popular. Tattoo artist say, a white rose with thorns reminds the person that beauty does not surface in the absence of adversity and sacrifice. The flower can be flaunted singly, as trailing vine or as a bouquet.

Red rose designs have been getting much more popular in the west in recent years. This tattoo shares the most intriguing history and symbolism. The rose tattoo is a traditional choice and more popular than the orchid, lily, hibiscus and daisy tattoos. The lotus tattoo designs are probably the only ones that can be compared to these designs. Artist from around the world have made it a point to promote the flower tattoo. The rose tattoo is available in many different shapes and sizes. You can add to the flower design with a heart or fairy or even a butterfly. It can also be combined with a Celtic armband, a dagger, a cross or even a tiger. You can have a red rose with barbed wire put on your chest or even your shoulder. Whatever you choose, its up to you and what your style is.

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