Monday, January 29, 2007

Sideshow Body Art...Austin, TX

Well, after a few more months in crazy Manhattan, New York...I decided to move again, this time down to Austin, Texas...where i'm now working for a new shop that my amazing friends from formerly Voodoo Tattoo in Iowa have opened here in Austin called Sideshow Body Art. We're right down on 6th street, which rocks and reminds me of how the East Village used to that CBGB's closed, and the Continental is gone, and the city has become so gentrified that I have decided...New York is dead, L.A. is dead, Seattle is dead, so the next haven for musicians and artists is now Austin. The city motto is "Keep Austin Wierd" how, I will post my Austin adventures here, or perhaps even create a whole new Austin blog to keep my exploits stay tuned, as there will be much to see and read on here as I begin a new experience down here in my home state of Texas!...peace...elvis

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