Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Girls' Lower Back Tattoos - A Tattoo With Sex Appeal

Girls' Lower Back Tattoos - A Tattoo With Sex Appeal

For over a decade now, the lower back has been a very popular region for girls to get tattooed. Lower back tattoos are sexy and feminine. They highlight the female body's natural curves and draw attention to all the right places. Lower back tattoo designs will probably never go out of style for this reason. Show them off with tank tops and low-rise jeans, and you'll get them noticed for sure.

Many unique and cool lower back tattoo designs are available. Check out flash art displayed at a local studio or check online for image galleries. Flowery designs that blossom outward are a great choice for backs: think of lotus blossoms, roses, tulips, orchids, cherry blossoms, and so on. Other tattoos with mystical or religious properties look good on the lower back. If you're interested in a certain ancient culture then tap into their mythology for inspiration.

Script on the lower back is becoming increasingly popular right now, especially writings in Eastern languages. Chinese characters or Arabic script are very cool choices. Buddhist-inspired designs, like Hindu writing and laughing Buddha figures, all come from Eastern culture. Possibly consider a written prayer or traditional chant in its original language that is meaningful to you personally.

Animals remain a popular choice, from small images of a butterfly to an oversized Bengal tiger tattoo on the back. Other animals often chosen are hummingbirds, horses, unicorns, dolphins, and so on. Other designs like shooting stars and angel wings are very beautiful and awe-inspiring tattoos. Lower back tattoos are compatible with almost any design, but look especially nice with images like dragons, flowers, butterflies, and Celtic crosses.

Inserting a word or phrase into an intricate design is also popular. It may not be noticeable at first glance, but incorporating a unique sentiment like "Pride" or "Faith" into a floral or tribal design personalizes the tattoo it and makes it yours.

Before you get your tattoo done for real, take it for a test drive with a temporary tattoo. You'll get the feel for life with a tattoo if you do this first. Make sure that you wear loose clothing to the tattoo studio so the tattoo artist can easily get at the area you want tattooed, and so that clothing isn't irritating your tattoo area after it is all done. Friction slows healing and can lead to infection.

For women, the most common area for tattoos is probably the lower back and for good reason. Lower back tattoos are very sexy and feminine, accentuating curves and creating the body into a beautiful canvas.

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