Thursday, August 5, 2010

Interesting Facts About Tattoo Equipment

When you think about getting your first tattoo, it might be a bit of a scary decision to make - and one might be dissuaded by the possibility of being skewered by a load of needles for about an hour! It is a bit scary to walk in to that tattoo parlour and cast your gaze over the tattoo equipment which will be utilised to give you a tattoo.

As well as this the fact that you will not be familiar with the pain involved, it is unsurprising to discover that some people actually make a sharp exit at the last minute.

But for people who are thinking about getting a tattoo, there are one or two points to remember - and not only that you will be in secure hands with an experienced and highly trained professional tattooist. It might be helpful to become familiar with the tattoo equipment utilised in this process. It is perhaps one thing to stroll into a tattoo studio and look over these strange pieces of machinery, but it is another to understand how it will be utilised.

The process will be invasive and for some people, and quite sore - so you are sure to feel more ready if you understand what they were up to and how they are using all that equipment.

While it is certainly true that all tattoo equipment has been developed to reduce pain as much as possible, it seems hard to understand that some may well feel a certain amount of discomfort during the procedure - in particular if it is their very first tattoo. Before getting a tattoo done, you could have a conversation with the tattoo artist regarding the tattoo equipment that they use. You could ask how it is used and what each stage will feel like.

Apart from the well known tattoo gun, which consists of various penetrative needles, there are the actual needles themselves that will also make a noticeable difference to how you will feel while the process is going ahead.

There are 2 basic needles that are utilised for the process of tattooing- known as the liner and the shader. The tattoo gun is an accurate and precise piece of tattoo equipment - providing that artist has had a good amount of experience and is endowed with a steady hand. The liner needle is one needle that marks the outline of the tattoo design. The shader is made up of more than a single needle, and does the job of filling in the area with the required colours. Each of these has been developed to work accurately with minimal pressure.

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